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Meet AI Is A Joke, your new go-to tool for generating the zaniest and most outlandily clever jokes from simple text prompts! Whether you’re a teen looking to impress your friends with some fresh humor or an adult aiming to spice up a party, this tool has got you covered.

AI Is A Joke is the brainchild of a group of AI experts who, after hours of diving deep into serious code, asked one simple question. Why so serious? And thus, the idea was born – a tool that mixes artificial intelligence with humor. Not just any humor, mind you, but the kind that can have even the sternest school principal crack a smile. Well, maybe.

What sets AI Is A Joke apart from your usual ‘knock-knock’ joke books is its sheer brilliance in creating puns, twists, and punch lines. It’s like having a comedian in your pocket, only better! Not to mention, you can tailor the humor to your liking with just a simple text prompt.

Think AI Is A Joke won’t get your humor? Fear not! This nifty tool is built to understand not just any text prompts, but the whole universe of humor tucked away inside them. Its sophisticated algorithms can comb through seemingly simple prompts and create, from scratch, a joke worthy of a serious belly laugh.

So, are you a fan of dad jokes that make everyone groan? Or do you prefer jokes with a witty twist that’ll rake in the laughs? Whatever your style, AI Is A Joke is all set to take it to hilarious new heights. You’re just a text prompt away from a great joke.

Not sure of where you should get started? Just type in a subject, a name or even a random word, then watch AI Is A Joke spring into action. It’ll serve you a platter of zesty jokes that’ll have your audience doubled over in laughter, or at least mildly amused. A win-win either way.

So, when in need, whether to brighten up your day or to keep a crowd entertained, remember – AI Is A Joke is here!

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