DocGPT Extension

What if we told you there’s a tool that can dive deep into your documents, dissecting PDFs, DOCs, and TXT files with the piercing precision of a surgeon’s scalpel? Meet DocGPT Extension, a tool that dances with data and excels in extracting nuggets of knowledge. Think of DocGPT Extension as your friendly sidekick, smiling as …

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Welcome to the world of Coefficient, a powerhouse tool that breathes life into your everyday spreadsheets. Picture this: rather than swimming through a sea of data, you can now experience an exciting dive into the magical world of visually appealing data analytics. Yep, this incredible tool does just that, enriching your spreadsheet experience like nothing …

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Say hello to DopeDoc, your new best friend when it comes to handling PDFs! No more struggling with dull and static documents, DopeDoc brings a fun and interactive approach to PDF reading. Our world these days is filled with PDFs. School assignments, work reports, recipes, DIY instructions–you name it! How many times have you wished …

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Picture this, folks: A premium online helper with a knack for creating and analyzing documents. Yes, we’re talking about the one and the only – This online assistant is like the coolest kid on the digital block, boasting a vibrant suite of toolsets to make your documents stand out in a crowd! Imagine having … Read More »


Meet Dust. This is no ordinary cleanup tool. Dust is a groundbreaking web assistant primed to crank your productivity and efficiency up to the max. It’s your new secret weapon in the daily battle against digital clutter and time wastage. Describing Dust as a web assistant doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s a new generation …

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Ever wished you could wring out answers from those inscrutable PDF files littering your desktop as easily as you squeeze juice from an orange? Enter Clarifypdf, a tool designed to decipher those files and deliver answers like clockwork. Yes, you read that right. This tool is the superhero in the world of PDF files, ensuring …

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Dashworks for Slack

Ever heard of Dashworks for Slack? No? Well, it’s about time you got acquainted! This tool is a total game-changer and your one-stop solution to finding information fast in those jumbled-up Slack conversations and work apps. Imagine you’re caught up in a whirlwind of chats, threads, and app interfaces. You’re hunting for that one crucial …

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Ever heard of ChitChat? It’s not your garden-variety tech tool. This chatbot is designed for simple communication – but it’s definitely more than just simple. It’s all about making conversations easy and engaging! Let’s dive right in to see what it’s all about. You know that feeling when you find a tool that just ‘gets’ …

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Don’t you just wish there was a magic wand for efficient writing and communication? Well, meet Cuely – that genie in the bottle that you have been waiting for. It really is like magic, most of the time. From crafting perfect emails to texting your best friend, Cuely has got you covered. Picture this, you’ve …

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DeckAssistant is a nifty little tool that’s changing the game for streamers, presenters, and online content creators. It’s like your personal magic wand, conjuring up superpowers you never knew you had. This Stream Deck plugin is all about making your Q&A and text processing tasks smoother, smarter and more efficient. Imagine you’re a presenter hosting …

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